General Virtual Consultant Services

  •  Online Business Manager
  •  Online Marketing Support
  •  Customized Social Media Implementation and Support
  •  Virtual Events/Webinars
  •  Desktop Publishing
  •  Website Content Mgmt.
  •  Project Management
  •  PowerPoint Presentations
  •  Digital Transcription

Specialized Virtual Consultant Services

        Legal Assistant

  • Full Service & Private Practice Law Firms
  • Real Estate/Leasing 
  • Corporate 
  • Immigration 

Real Estate Investment Firms/Legal Divisions 

  • Real Estate/Leasing Malls
  • Hospitality/Hotels

Education Administration

  • Office Administration
  • Liaison to Board of Education to report statistical data
  • Board Liaison for Administrative Support
  • Enrollment Marketing/Packaging/Follow-Up

Music Entertainment

  • Production Companies/Recording Studios
  • Client Liaison/Scheduling Sessions
  • Support in Business Plan Development and Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Marketing Support/Social Media Support

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